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The St-Etienne Drop-off is an almost vertical wall plunging into depths far below recreational diving limits.

Name Dive Site:St Etienne Drop-off
Depth: 49-196ft (15-60m)
Inserted/Added by: bathys-diving

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The edge of the St-Etienne Drop-off, Punaauia district, is punctuated by large formations of madrepores with contorted outlines. At night, cowries, spiny lobsters and squill-fish appear, although they are becoming more and rarer. Experienced divers will be able to descend the succession of vertical walls, which extend well beyond the permitted limits of the aqualung. A sheer drop and an overhanging cliff await them between 30 and 60 meters. This site is ideal for deep water training. In open water there are dog-toothed tuna, jackfish and unicorn fish.

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