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Papa Whisky is diving down the walls of a large amphitheater with fields of gorgonians.

Name Dive Site:Papa Whiskey, Papa Whisky
Depth: 82-196ft (25-60m)
Inserted/Added by: bathys-diving

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Papa Whisky or Papa Whiskey is the name given to the little artificial islet situated on the axis of the landing strip of Faa airport. The clear break that can be distinguished at the surface seems to be that of a cliff. It is in fact the edge of a vast 70m long amphitheatre created by the collapse of a part of the underwater plateau. Inside, the effects of the current are much less noticeable.

From here, two exploratory trips are possible. One to the southern end of the arena, the other to the northern point. Both are only for experienced divers. The object of the trip to the south is a beautiful geographical fault covered with yellow gorgonians. The north point is also rich in gorgonians. There are groups of antheas nearby. A marauding tuna sometimes comes to circle a short distance away from divers before vanishing into the blue. Visibility is often excellent. From 55-60 meters, the ocean slope becomes an abrupt cliff wall with even larger and denser gorgonians.

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