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While scuba diving the blue-azul waters of Manihi you might find some black pearls that made this atoll world famous.

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Manihi or Paeua is an oval shaped coral atoll in the northern most Tuamotu Archipelago, north of Rangiroa. It is famous for its black pearl farms. Several of the tiny islets are inhabited but altogether its population doesn't extend 1000 inhabitants. The main villages are Paeua (Manihi Village) and Turipaoa where cars are almost absent with romantic walkways and ocean views. One of the highlights besides scuba diving is a visit to one of the many black pearl farms that made Manihi famous. There are more than 50 farms that cultivate the pearls before they are being send all around the world. Manihi is still the world's leading location for these beautiful gems. Spear fishing, fish parks, secluded picnics and boat tours are among the other top attractions.

As all atolls, also Manihi has a famous high speed channel called Taiarapa Pass or Passe de Tairapa, which is used for some of the best drift diving in French Polynesia. You will find walls on the ocean side and coral reefs with hundreds of fish inside the lagoon.

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