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Dive site the Spring is easily found since it shows rings of sweet water emerging near the surface.

Name Dive Site:Spring
Depth: 16-82ft (5-25m)
Inserted/Added by: bathys-diving

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Dive site the Spring is a fresh water spring, which rises in the sea at the top of a coral head. For your first visit at least, choose a calm day as the emission is then more visible on the surface. The spring rises 5-6 meters below the surface. It can be easily located because of the column of rippling water escaping from it. The slope of the peak facing the open sea drops to a depth of 20-25 meters. It is perforated with grottos, one of which, at a depth of at least 14 meters, often shelters a lagoon shark or during the night, a napoleon.

On either side of the spring, a beautiful valley extends parallel to the coast. Both sides are worthy of always rich in fish; you will see shoals of surmullets, blue-lined sea perches and sea-pike barracudas. The large clumps of living porites, which constellate the valley, shelter dense populations of red mullet, squirrel fish and soldier fish.

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