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Diving at dive site Sharks Hole

Name Dive Site:Sharks Hole
Depth: 32-164ft (10-50m)
Inserted/Added by: bluenui

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Sharks Hole is a vertical break in the reef that begins at 20 meters (65 ft.) deep. A dozen or so grey reef sharks can be seen arriving to look at the newcomers, and as you glide into the opening in the reef, the show is amazing! Throughout the maze of holes and crevices a carpet of red, yellow and blue lined snappers, and soldier fish covers the inside of the gorge. Along the wall we find ourselves surrounded by thousands of cardinals and paddle snappers.

For the very experienced diver, at about 50 meters deep (165 ft.), an arch connects the two sides of the gorge; an imposing architectural edifice created by nature. A divers' playground where some will be happy to play with the clownfish slithering around in their anemone homes on the arch, or contemplate the deep blue trying to count the sharks, others will admire the small hard many-colored fan corals hiding in the crevices. We can often see dozens of grey reef sharks gathered together. Absolutely breathtaking!

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