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Diving at dive site White Valley, Muri Muri

Name Dive Site:White Valley, Muri Muri
Depth: 65-131ft (20-40m)
Inserted/Added by: bluenui

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Outside the reef further from the pass at 30 to 200ft you will find the dive site Muri-Muri or White Valley. Breathtaking coral scenery where we see gray reef sharks, turtles, schools of barracuda, tuna, jack fish, and sometimes dolphins and even the occasional whale during the migrating season between August and November.

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Name: maleou

Also called the White valley, it is one of the best dive sites in Bora Bora. Exiting the  Teavanui pass, you may encounter schools of dolphins accompanying your boat. The dive site is located outside of the lagoon in front of the Airport Motu. The coral plateau is rich in flora and fauna. Among the madrepores inhabited by multiples species of fish, you'll encounter manta rays, turtles, giant barracudas, grey, white-tip and black-tip sharks. Different species of parrotfish abound. Schools of jackfish can be seen if you look out into the blue or near the surface looking up.

You will likely to encounter strong current and choppy surface conditions. Dive averages around 15-20 meters where most of the life is but less as it slopes deeper.  Viz  is fantastic! We had perfect conditions when we went around a month ago with very little current and calm sea.

Name: bathys-diving

Muri Muri or the White Valley offers an outstanding deep blue dive site. Together with grey reef sharks, you will first discover a large coral plateau leading you to a sand bank inhabited by a colony of garden morays. In deep open water you can find schools of trevallies, turtles and giant barracudas. Depending on weather conditions, this dive site is done as a great drift dive or from the boat mooring.

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