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The Hydroplane and Schooner dive sites are two interesting wrecks both looking as they will fall apart at any moment.

Name Dive Site:Cargo Ship, the Catalina
Depth: 19-82ft (6-25m)
Inserted/Added by: bathys-diving

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At the wrecks you can explore both the wreck of a hydroplane and an old schooner, one of the last examples of the inter-island traffic of years past. It is also named Cargo Ship and the Catalina after a Catalina flying boat airplane. The wreck of the plane is lying on a sandy bed, resting on its right wing. It is possible to go inside without any risk, either through a door located on the left hand side of the fuselage (less than 15 meters) or through the front cockpit. At few fin strokes away, you will find the schooner which cannot be entered. Heavy pieces of metal threaten to collapse at any moment.

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