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Diving at dive site Shark's Cavern

Name Dive Site:Shark's Cavern
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The dive Sharks' Cavern starts at the right angle right out of the pass. It can be considered as accessible to all levels although recommended to experienced divers for it requires that you be well-balanced and feel like a fish in water. The cavern owes its name to a cavity down at 115 feet. Against every expectation, there are no sharks in it and divers actually have to stay in the cavern so that gray reef sharks come as close to us as possible. To put it clearly, the sharks are those who are afraid of us and we must stay quiet and idling if we want sharks to fight their natural fear and then come closer to us. After a ten minute stay there we will plunge from the angle into the pass and the current will lead us into the interior of the lagoon.

Said that way sounds easy. And it actually is! What's more, it is truly exciting to drift like that in the current and virtually fly in the water without stroking with your fins. The greatest difficulty of this dive is to remain regrouped and not stray away so for that, the simplest thing is to stay behind the instructor, at the same depth as his and to never lag behind for whatever reason. During the drifting in the pass we will glance at little grottos, full of colors and little animals. Towards the end of the diving we will slither in the calm waters of the lagoon in which we will decompress slowly and in all safety. Even though level 1 divers cannot reach the cavern at 115 feet deep, we can tell you that you will get a lot of fun and emotions.

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